Getting on the bandwagon, and with only slight reluctance.

Four is my favorite number, so I’ll give four reasons for doing this:

1. Many of the people I communicate with regularly have a blog of some sort on the internet. I’m not saying that’s the best reason to get blogging online, but reading other friend’s blogs has piqued my interest. Besides, when else to you get to go on a rant about your personal life without feeling silly or ashamed?

2. Writing a little makes me want to write more. Since my goal in life is to write, why not write whenever I can? Hopefully it will make me more productive on my own projects as well… At the moment, they’re all at a standstill. Hopefully I’ll be able to find new motivation.

3. So much of my life is spent on a computer—now I’ll have something with which to fill up the down-time.

4. Because, as I only will have one blog, I’ll still be miles behind Queen Bee.

So, with “Why not?” as my battle cry, I suppose I’ll join the masses. For now.


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