My typical morning battle–



The noise cut through the fog of my mind. I was slowly and unwillingly drawn out of my current misadventure—a convoluted situation including an unsteady boat, a rain slicker, my least favorite college roommate, and a crochet hook. I scratched my elbow, rolled 15 degrees to the right, and burrowed my head more deeply into my memory foam pillow. My forehead touched a rod of the metal headboard, but I was not bothered enough to move. I exhaled slowly, hoping that Sebastian would scamper off and do something else until the alarm rang. There must be a twist-tie or down feather somewhere in my apartment to keep him occupied. I was positive that it was not yet 6 a.m., and I hadn’t quite given up the hope that there were still hours of sleep separating me from Monday.




The sound made my eardrums flinch. “Why is he SO loud!” I thought. I breathed shallowly—hoping he’d think I’d died.




Maybe not. I opened my eyes and squinted at my early morning enemy. Sebastian stood on my left hip, clawless front paws kneading my waist. I had no idea why he wanted me to be awake, but as he opened his mouth and uttered another attention-getting “Raaowwn,” I saw that there would be no silencing him. I uncurled into a seated position at the edge of my bed, and studied my feline companion. He looked up at me and blinked, then head-butted the back of my arm as if to say “get moving!” He is merciless—destroyer of sleep, dream-interrupter, REM cycle stopper…


He stared at me—focused directly on my eyes, probably making sure they would stay open. As I stared back into his, one green, one blue, I contemplated Sebastian’s primal howl. Who in the world assigned the word “meow” to the sound a cat makes? Maybe other cats “meow”, but not my little charge. Though he is small for a cat—less than nine pounds—his so-called “meow” is unearthly. He closed his eyes and yawned. I cringed, mistaking the gesture for the start of another bawl. He finished yawning, then gave me a look of absolute detestation, as though he has somehow been matched with the most dull and insipid human on the planet.


I’m convinced that all cat owners know this look entirely too well.


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