Curiosity Killed the Plot

 Did I mention I’m in a book club?

Well, we’ve only met once so far, after reading “The Kite Runner”. Our next book is “The Time-Traveler’s Wife”.

I’d never heard of the book, and I wondered what the story was about. (Turn’s out the title gives you a pretty accurate idea of the story line.) But, in a quiet moment today, I googled Time Traveler’s Wife. The first thing that popped up was Wikipedia. “Perfect!” I thought. Sure that Wikipedia would give me a brief overview, I began reading. My hope was that a quick rundown would pique my interest and that I’d be even more intrigued to start officially reading the book. Sort of like reading the back of the book–just the teaser. Alas, this was not to be…

Wikipedia gave the whole plot away.

So, now I’ll still read the book, but without that sense of discovery—that wonder that makes you fly through the pages and read late into the night. Now reading the book will less enjoyable. It will be the appreciation of the author’s technique, not the unconscious dedication to the story. In short, it will be re-reading…the first time through.

This is the second time this week my curiosity has led me to find out more than I really need to know.

In my condo-buying process, I’d heard about Megan’s Law a couple of times…essentially, with a simple web search, you can find the names and addresses of all sexual and violent offenders in a given area. So, I checked it out. Megan’s law is just meant to be an awareness–it’s illegal to harrass or mistreat the offenders in your neighborhood. With this in mind, I’ve decided not to mind that there are 2 sexual offenders on the next block and a bank robber down the street. I’m not all that neighborly anyways.

I often wish I wasn’t so darn curious.


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