Roommates and keys and cash, oh my!

I didn’t start to lose hope until I was rustling through my fourth (and final) stack of papers.

Sorting the paper into piles (one for insurance, one for my retirement funds, one for paid electrical bills, one of personal letters and cards, and so on), I found one useless sheet after another. I threw out nearly 75 envelopes, and tried to find a category for every other “paper” floating around my apartment.

Too bad the thing I was looking for was a key.

I realized, just days before my roommate moved in, that she might actually need access to the apartment. I know my original “move-in” packet included 3 keys. One is on my keychain, my sister (living 100 miles away) has the second copy, but what in the world happened to the third one?

As I worked my way through the final stack of papers, I started to become depressed. Why oh why don’t I keep better files! I’m terribly organized at work, and a complete mess everywhere else.

I got to the bottom of the huge stack, and found the folder of papers I was given when I adopted my cat, Sebastian. “Aww…” I thought to myself, remembering the day I found him, before snapping back to the task at hand.

Only one folded sheet was left on the table. As I unfolded it and analyzed it to determine which stack it should  be placed into, I realized that it wasn’t actually a sheet of paper…it was a quarter sheet…

A check!

A $191.00 travel reimbursement check!

Suddenly this “organization” thing started to look up!

But still no key. I was out of places to look. I checked my apartment one last time for additional papers, but found none.  Suddenly, it occured to me to check my other purses…

I could remember the stack of furniture receipts I had been saving, folded in half, and stored in the purse I was using when I moved–and I hadn’t seen them while I tidied up all my other papers.

Excited, I ran to the closet in the second bedroom (it was for the best–I needed to clean that closet out too–roommate might also like having a place to put her clothes), and found the purse in question–a dark denim bucket shaped Vera Bradley handbag, with contrast stitching and some unobtrusive quilting. I reached my hand in, and…success! Here was the moving paperwork!

I brought the whole stack back out to my dining room table and sorted through it. I found the moving company’s information, my furniture receipts, and then, falling to the table with metallic “clang”, the missing key!

I excitedly called my mom, proud to have found the lost item. However, since it was well after midnight, she was somewhat less enthused.

Just to finish off the stack, I sorted through the rest of the paperwork. In a Halloween card, I found an additional $20.

5 stacks of paper later, I was over $200 richer, I had a key for my roommate, and all my paperwork was stacked together in nice little categories all over the table.

I decided to celebrate by going directly to bed, and promised myself that I would finish filing the papers the next day.

Now, 2 weeks later, my roommate has moved in, the check has been cashed, and all is well.

Except for the fact that all the papers are now stacked not-so-neatly on the floor by the wine cabinet.

Poor roommate–she doesn’t even know what she’s in for.



  1. Queen Bee said,

    May 8, 2008 at 3:27 pm

    I have to tell you, this makes me cringe with anxiety. Maybe we need a night to prioritize and organize. I can help you, and you’ll be helping me by making me do it.

  2. flemmily said,

    May 8, 2008 at 3:36 pm

    I’m good at organizing when I get on a roll…and I’ll definitely catch up before I move—no sense spreading the mess around another household.

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