Quick Karma!

Is the speed limit 35? 45? 60? On 19th Avenue it changes so frequently I can never remember.

Around Durston it’s 40, but in the next couple of blocks, it switches to 25. I think it climbs back up after College, but I can never remember where.

So, I drove at a leisurely 35.

The cars piling up behind me seemed to think this was a poor idea, and I could feel the frustration building up behind me. So, I upped it to 40.

A grey SUV, clearly fed up with me, took illegal advantage of a right turn lane to pass me. I could have cut him off, but it’s my belief that it’s better to have an angry driver in front of you, where you can see him. I narrowed my eyes, but I left it up to karma to decide his fate. In the meantime, I just felt grateful that all the other cars behind me seemed contented to keep pace with my Corolla.

The grew SUV began to fade into the distance, and I began to wonder if I was way off on the speed limit. Maybe it was 60 out here. The thought crossed my mind that perhaps I could safely drive 45 mph, when I saw the flashing lights…

A ways up in the distance, and heading in my general direction, a police officer had suddenly switched on his lights, the red and blue standing out dramatically against the grey, cloudy day.

As the officer swerved into a graceful U-Turn, I realized that he was heading after the grey SUV!

Maintaining my 40 mph pace, I glanced over my right shoulder as I passed the officer and SUV. TheĀ balding man in the driver’s seat was red with anger or embarassment, and he gesticulated wildly as the officer wrote out a ticket.

Sometimes Karma comes quickly…with festive lights to announce its arrival.


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