The fight against Greyiege

“And your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to eradicate the Greyiege from your new condo”.

I swear–the Valspar paint chips were taunting me–challenging me–at the hardware store. Having closed on my condo the day before, I knew I wanted to paint at least some of the condo. But faced with the wall of colors before me, I suddenly felt overwhelmed. The paints all screamed at me “Use me! I’m better than the Greyiege!”

As the paint chips already know, “The Greyiege” is the current color of my condo—-a strange, depressing combination of grey and beige. Essentially, the flat paint falls somewhere between the colors of drywall and dust bunnies. It covers everything—every wall, every room—even the built in entertainment center was painted Greyiege.

It took days to pick colors, but after about 2 weeks, much of the Greyiege has been replaced. In the living room and dining room, it was replaced by “Brunette” and “Desert Dust”. In the kitchen, it was replaced by “English Red”.

Upstairs, much of the Greyiege remains, but the master suite has been rescued. “Hollow Cavern”, “Shady Acres” and “Foamy Sea” have brightened the place up a bit. Though the color names remind me of living on a deserted island off the coast of Maine, the effect is pretty and calming.

And decidedly not “Greyiege”.

So, 9 gallons of paint later, I scoff at the paint chips in the hardware store. Of course I accept my mission–someday there will be no Greyiege.


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