The unbearable heaviness of packing…

I need to pack.

Like, now. I need to pack NOW.

Seems simple enough. Take clothes, put in suitcase, done. Packed.

But for some reason it’s SOO hard for me.

We’ve established that I’m disorganized, I need lists, and that I’m a bit of a procrastinator. All three of these things contribute to my inablility to pack in any sort of useful fashion.

Here’s how it usually goes.

Need: Outfits for 5 days, pajamas, toiletries, books, ipod, handbag, shoes, business cards, camera, notepad.

Like I said, seems simple.

So, I start with a list of the things I need, do my best to check them off, and pack.

However, I’m disorganized, so I don’t ever really trust my list to have everything on it that needs to be done. Difficult situation.

So, I have to recheck my bag to verify that I have, indeed, packed the things on the list while simultaneously racking my brain for things that may have been left off the list.

Things like underwear. Things like Driver’s licenses. Did I stick 2 pairs of shoes in there, or just one?

Did I remember the tank top that needs to go under that dress?

Did I remember the dress?

So, add on to this that I’m inevitably packing at the last possible second, and the solution gets interesting.

Because, if i’m not sure I have it, I pack another one.

Pajamas? Maybe I forgot. Let’s throw two more pairs in. Did I get jewlery for that outfit? Well, might as well bring this one too. Am I sure I packed underwear?  5 minutes later: Maybe I should do another load of laundry, just in case.

Then I think of the technological accessories. Did I pack the camera charger? The cell phone charger? Ah! Where’s the cell phone?

In the end, I wind up with enough outfits for 7 days, a month’s worth of underwear, every shade of lipstick I own, including a few I forgot I owned, a spare pair of shoes are tucked into my handbag (which goes over REALLY well with security, let me tell you), and I still don’t feel as though I remembered everything until I’ve reached my destination and unpacked a bit.

And then, when I find 6 pairs of pajamas for a 5 night trip, I finally feel better.

Cross your fingers for me! (And make sure I packed my cell phone, will ya?)


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