I’m all for singing, but…

So, I really do enjoy singing. I like singing in the shower, singing along with the radio, singing almost anywhere.

Almost. Almost anywhere.

Today, at the coffee drive-through, I realized that there are inappropriate times to sing.  Maybe it was me. Maybe I was tired. Maybe I was thinking-four-hours-of-sleep-were-not-nearly-enough-and-where-in-the-WORLD-is-my-quad-shot-soy-latte, hurry-UP-coffee-lady!

But the gal belting out ‘Brick House’ with the window down in the car behind me? Yeah, she was driving me nuts.

Honey, roll up the window. You look like you’re still drunk from last night.

In fact, let me buy your coffee for you.

It’ll be harder to sing when your mouth is full.


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