Yes…could I unsubscribe now? They’re taking over my porch. And my recycle bin. And my life.

I’ve been a subscriber to the local paper for over a year.

I’ve been reading for…well…considerably less time.

The first nail in the coffin presented itself when I moved to my new condo. Actually, more like three nails.

1. I began commuting to work (instead of living crazy close), and had to schedule an extra half hour drive time into the morning.

2. I stopped going to the gym before work (which made me wake up uber early), and,

3. I began entering and exiting the new condo from the garage, so the papers could pile up outside my door without me even noticing.

It’s not as though the local newspaper is my only source of information. I read the New York Times online, I watch the news occasionally, etc. So, the local paper was dropped as an early morning habit, and it’s yet to be picked up anew.

And, speaking of “picked up,” the paper also stopped getting picked up and brought inside.

It drives my friend Queen Bee NUTS. Everytime she comes over, she collects all the papers, brings them inside, and shames me for subscribing to something I don’t read AND littering outside my own door.

At first, I felt badly, and I sincerely tried to, if not read the paper, then to at least bring it inside and recycle it promptly.

Finally, I accepted the fact that I was not going to be a coffee-and-newspaper-in-the-morning type of person anymore. I mourned the fact, got used to it, and switched to a weekend only subscription (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).

And I still didn’t read them.

Queen Bee still picks up my stacks of newspapers when she comes over. She doesn’t know that I leave them alone on purpose now. I’ve even told other friends, “Oh, leave the papers. Bee is coming over later.”

Don’t tell her, but I’ve even moved a few from the recyle bin back outside just to ruffle her feathers when she stops by. 🙂

That in itself made it worth the monthly subscription fee, for a time. While it’s been fun, I think I’m over it. Monday morning I’m canceling my subscription.

We’ve had a good run, Comical, but I’m just not that into you.


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