A Macabre Sense of Humor Have I

Hello, hello!

I’ve been away for far too long. You’ve missed me, admit it.

I’ve been fairly booked lately, as I’ve been running back to my Mom’s house weekly to help her move. She’s decided to downsize out of my childhood home.

After 22 years of living there.

Now, all sentimentality aside, I’m happy that she’s taking this step and getting away, there’s just one problem.

In 22 years, you can stockpile a lot of junk.

And I mean A. LOT.

After a huge garage sale and a pickup from Goodwill, things are starting to look up. However, there is still work to be done. My sister and I have been spending some time packing up all the things that she’s taking with her, now that we’ve cleared the excesses out of the way.

Oh, and my mom? She’s in Ireland, seemingly having the time of her life. She and a friend won a free trip, and honestly, I’m happy for her.

But she may wind up regretting allowing big sis and I to do all the packing…

You see, my big sis and I have a rather odd sense of humor when we’re together. Add in stress, exhaustion, and an overwhelming amount of pack-rat-i-ness, and we get downright slap-happy.

For example, in the guest room closet, we found some interesting things.

Like hundreds of dollars of Mary Kay makeup… Three dozen hand-painted Easter Egg shells…

And every childhood pet we ever had.

Well, every pet minus ‘Missy’, who is buried in the garden.

But Ginger, Sheba, Cuddles, Lady, and Scotta? All carefully preserved in decorative tins (only their ashes–not to worry.)

While some might find this sad (or disgusting, I suppose), big sis and I found it very VERY funny.

Read as, ‘laughing so hard we couldn’t stand up ‘ kind of funny.

You may also need to know a little history to understand the rest of the discussion we had. My dad died tragically about three years ago, by falling off a ladder.

And HIS ashes are in the living room.

But right off the bat, big sis said to me, “Maybe we should pack Dad in here too!”

We laughed and cried simultaneously, but decided against packing Dad in with all the critters.

However, when I labeled the box, I took a little artistic license.

...& our faithful departed (except Dad)

...& our faithful departed (except Dad)

As it is, I think we have some ‘splainin’ to do.


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