Things a new car shouldn’t have…

I went car shopping last weekend, but definitely without the intent to buy a new car. I figured I’d realize that I couldn’t afford anything I liked, and then I’d walk away with renewed intentions to save up for a down payment.

It was a poor decision.

It’s like going to the pound when you KNOW you don’t want another pet. But, you find something you love, something you must-Must-MUST have, and before you know it, you’re off shopping for a litter box.

Or, in this case, new car insurance.

Now the term “new” really means “new to me”. The car in question is an ’05 Passat, so not all that new.

But it’s pretty.

It has leather seats, a sunroof, and considerably more space than the beloved Corolla. It has 59,000 miles, but it also has a brand new engine.

And did I mention that it’s pretty?

Trust me. It’s pretty.

But, less than 3 hours after I drove it off the lot, it had a few other things too…

First, an aggressive yellow ABS light, and then, shortly thereafter, a far more aggressive yellow flashing engine sign that (extremely maliciously) was accompanied by a sudden change in the motor sounds.

I know very little about cars, but I figured that this was a bad thing.

So, the same day I bought a new car, I wound up driving a different new car (’09 Outback), and left my new, pretty Passat-with-yellow-lights-and-chug-chug-chugging-engine with the dealer to…well…deal with.

Luckily all was repaired quickly, but I’ll admit, I remained a bit skeptical.

Thanks for the extended, four-year bumper-to-bumper warranty, Mom.

Somehow that makes the car even prettier.


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