A Simple Solution.

However short-term.


I fell back asleep.


The worst part about a low-on-power smoke detector is that it always starts beeping in the middle of the night.

My roommate and I met in the hallway and had a quick pow-wow.

Of course, we didn’t have the right kind of battery.

We took the entire thing apart.

It still beeped.

That’s how this happened.

Hey, it worked!

It was really late (or really early.)

Me: So, is there any way to shut this thing up?

Roommate: Maybe.

We stood thoughtfully.

Roommate: Maybe if we had a towel and a roll of duct tape.


Me: I have a towel.

Roommate: I have a roll of duct tape.

*Flurry, as we both get our items.*

Roommate: I love that you knew I wasn’t joking.

In the end, our system worked (only overnight).

Kind of looks like a Spiderman attack.

We now have a large stock of 9V batteries.


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