I’m cranky at my brain.

And my work in progress.

Nathan Bransford would probably call this a case of the “am-I-crazies.”

Today I’m second guessing everything. EVERYTHING. I look at my story, and I wonder what I’m doing. I’ve planned. I’ve plotted. I’ve decided how this story should go.

So why am I having such a tough time writing it?

Should I be writing in 1st person? Sometimes I think 1st person is a little too chatty. I don’t love reading 1st person novels. So why the heck am I writing one?

Is my character too much like me? I let my character and I have a few similarities, and now I’m wondering if that was a dumb move.

Was this a silly story to write? Do I really expect anyone to care about it? Has it been told before? Do I have my characters intentions all wrong? Does it feel to much like she’s battling everyone?

Beats me. Guess I’ll see if I can write myself out of a corner.

I just keep telling myself, “It’s only a first draft. It’s only a first draft.”

So, say a prayer and cross your fingers for me. I need some writerly good-karma.


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